A big new Mexican health hotel for U.S. patients

You'll be able to see this new Mexican health hotel from California, even if Donald Trump gets to build his great big wall. Developers in Tijuana, Mexico, reportedly are planning to cash in on the longstanding phenomenon of Americans heading south of the border to get less-expensive health care by building a big new medical facility that [...]

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Developers plan one-stop medical facility in Tijuana convenient to Americans

For decades, U.S. patients have crossed into Tijuana for lower-cost medical care, from plastic surgery to dental procedures to stem-cell treatments. Developers of a planned high-rise now say they hope to capture a share of that market, offering a wide range of services in one facility, just yards from a San Diego border crossing. The [...]

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Tijuana’s medical tourism gets a facelift enticing more Americans in for cheap luxury surgery

Shedding its American-teen Spring Break reputation, the famed low-cost medical treatment industry is classing up   It’s after dark on Avenida Revolucion, Tijuana’s main tourist drag, and beneath the garish neon of a late-night storefront, a mannequin in a skin-tight nurse’s outfit stands beckoning potential customers inside. Americans have been travelling to this border city [...]

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